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Opulent, naturally!

The ADONEA wallpaper collection exudes a new kind of ambiance

Restraint is a thing of the past: after years of simplicity, a little more extravagance is the order of the day once more. A little more home comfort. A touch more ornamentation and decoration in – and on – your own four walls. Not overly pompous. Yet still atmospheric.

Creating a new kind of ambiance supported perfectly by the ADONEA collection of the Hohenberger wallpaper manufactory. ADONEA is naturally opulent and translates natural colours – fire, water, earth – into small fine patterns as well as large Greek-inspired ornaments. The wallpaper also boasts gold, brass and bronze accents. Foam ornaments, glitter and glass beads ensure that the wall coverings not only look great, but also feel good.

You’ll have to decide for yourself just how far you want ADONEA’s naturally opulent ambiance to go. Six designs in multiple colour moods can be used individually or combined into an extravagant whole.

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Collection ADONEA, engl.

Playing with light

The UNIVERSE wallpaper collection is inimitably sophisticated

Every time of day has its own light and its own mood. Hence, rooms often feel very different in the morning to in the evening. Anyone keen to play with these moods will love UNIVERSE. Because UNIVERSE – the new collection from the Hohenberger wallpaper manufactory – does just that: it plays with light.

Glittering glass beads and genuine granite stones, shiny special effects and a combination of different surfaces and levels create extraordinary patterns on the wall. Depending on the incidence of light, colours shimmer with varying intensity, and reflections and gloss effects are produced. UNIVERSE impresses with unparalleled
technical sophistication.

What’s more, UNIVERSE is also a statement – an expression of Hohenberger’s tradition and self-conception. Just like 70 years ago, manufactory-quality wallpaper is still produced here – creatively designed and perfectly implemented. The UNIVERSE collection is a masterpiece that shows off the impressive skills of the Hohenberger wallpaper manufactory.

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Collection UNIVERSE, engl.

Simply beautiful!

The SLOW LIVING wallpaper collection is all about clarity and

It has a Scandinavian air to it, and a bit of a Japanese touch too. At any rate, it is very bright and uncluttered. Simply beautiful. That’s SLOW LIVING – the new collection from the Hohenberger wallpaper manufactory. When designing it, the wallpaper makers were inspired by a movement focused not only on living but on all areas of our lives: the trend towards deceleration, and towards more authenticity, awareness and clarity.

A concept that dovetails perfectly with the ideas of Marie Kondo, a Japanese lifestyle expert and best-selling author. She teaches the art of tidiness and demonstrates how order can make us happy. Anything distracting and superfluous needs to go. Only things that are beautiful – and especially those that truly mean something – may stay. This isn’t minimalism, but rather a whole new awareness of ownership.

Handcrafted and genuine materials play an important role in this new lifestyle. And in the SLOW LIVING wallcoverings. The colours, the patterns, the materials – everything supports today’s popular feel-good trend. SLOW LIVING impresses with its clear patterns and motifs inspired by nature – all in soft pastel shades, top quality, sustainable and produced without PVC.

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Collection SLOW LIVING, engl.
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Wall paints for a healthy living atmosphere!

Paints to match our wallpaper

Our wallpapers can be combined individually. From now on also with the matching wall paints in eight basic colours or individually tinted.

As with our wallpaper, we pay particular attention to a healthy living environment when it comes to wall paints. They therefore contain only a minimal amount of solvents (Ultra Low VOC) – about 500 times less than the limit (30g/l) for decorative colours in interiors allowed. (VOC-Limit (2010)/EU Guideline (2004/42/EC) CAT A/a WB).

In addition, the Hohenberger fine paints impress with their good opacity and their high yield. They are dirt and stain resistent (to ketchup, coffee, redwine…), UV stable and do not exhale any odour. Wet scrub resistance class 1.

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